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 gaufans - (rrrobin_e)
09:50am 15/11/2008
rrrobin_e posting in Fans of GAU: Music Baby Blender YEAH!
Sparkly Death Threats Two -Is that the CD that has "Born to Be Aborted"?   I was at a red light in Sarasota, Florida,  and someone pulled up behind me with "Born to Be Aborted" cranked up at full volume!  Holy Shit! Another Gay Abortion Unicorn fan in Sarasota!
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Goodwilling and GAU
 gaufans - (shadowedge613)
10:11pm 14/11/2008
Shadowedge posting in Fans of GAU: Music Baby Blender YEAH!
So, I was at Goodwill, as I so often am, and I was flipping through the CD rack next to an older lady. I happened to glance over, and see that she was holding a copy of "Sparkly Death Threats: Part Two" by, of course, Gay Abortion Unicorn. I flipped out, because I still don't own that album (the last time i saw them in concert, they were sold out), but tried to keep my cool.

I offered her 10 buck to give me the CD, but she refused. I offered twenty. She wasn't going for it. I thought about just grabbing it out of her hands and running, but I couldn't bring myself to. Not even for GAU's "Sparkly Death threats: Part Two."

Does anyone have a spare copy of the album that they would be willing to sell me? GAU's site is still down, and I'm at a loss.
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Some dumbass asked me what GAU are like
 gaufans - (kerrickadrian)
05:29pm 13/11/2008
What are GAU like?

What is it like to have an augur put through your eardrum and have sizzling hot molten JOY poured directly in?

What is it like to crossbreed babykilling deathmachines with pastel imaginary creatures that prance delicately through fields of buzzsaw-wielding cornflowers, and then have tea and fucking with the offspring once they reach the legal age of majority in your state?

What is it like to stand on the edge of a precipice and stare down into the shattered remains of the illusion that was your existence, and be happy about it?

Only one of these things is anything like GAU.

I first heard about GAU from a friend on the east coast. She insists GAU are a west coast band, but I didn't hear about them until about a year and a half ago. I gather they've been playing out east since 2005, and maybe Japan before that, but that's just a guess since I don't have any nihongo to speak of. GAU are a two, sometimes three, sometimes one and a half member band. (One and a half when one of them is lying unconscious across the other, to all appearances being played like a drumset.) Probably the coolest thing about their music besides its HEARTRENDING EARSPLITTING SOULDESTROYING AWESOMENESS are the instruments of choice, which are kludged together apparently from vintage abortion equipment. I didn't ask if it was used. Mostly because the one time I came face to face with the band members themselves I was in so much shock and awe I would have booked myself on a tour of duty if they'd asked. I think I said something suave and intellectual like "guh" to which the crowd massed behind me echoed with "GAU!"
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GAU noiz in my brain all night
 gaufans - (kerrickadrian)
05:16pm 13/11/2008
Rumor has it GAU are coming to Oakland! Does anyone know where? I heard they were playing at Lo-Bot but folks there said they didn't know any more than I did.
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