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 gaufans - (rrrobin_e)
09:50am 15/11/2008
rrrobin_e posting in Fans of GAU: Music Baby Blender YEAH!
Sparkly Death Threats Two -Is that the CD that has "Born to Be Aborted"?   I was at a red light in Sarasota, Florida,  and someone pulled up behind me with "Born to Be Aborted" cranked up at full volume!  Holy Shit! Another Gay Abortion Unicorn fan in Sarasota!
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Goodwilling and GAU
 gaufans - (shadowedge613)
10:11pm 14/11/2008
Shadowedge posting in Fans of GAU: Music Baby Blender YEAH!
So, I was at Goodwill, as I so often am, and I was flipping through the CD rack next to an older lady. I happened to glance over, and see that she was holding a copy of "Sparkly Death Threats: Part Two" by, of course, Gay Abortion Unicorn. I flipped out, because I still don't own that album (the last time i saw them in concert, they were sold out), but tried to keep my cool.

I offered her 10 buck to give me the CD, but she refused. I offered twenty. She wasn't going for it. I thought about just grabbing it out of her hands and running, but I couldn't bring myself to. Not even for GAU's "Sparkly Death threats: Part Two."

Does anyone have a spare copy of the album that they would be willing to sell me? GAU's site is still down, and I'm at a loss.
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